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Lunula Laser – Am I a Good Candidate?

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The Lunula Laser treatment is a great way to get rid of toenail fungus, but it isn’t suitable for every patient. Are you a good candidate for this treatment, or would it be best to seek out alternatives? Read on to learn more.

Patients with Toenail Fungus

Since the Lunula Laser is intended to address toenail fungus, good candidates for this treatment first and foremost must be suffering from this condition.

It’s worth noting the extent of the problem can help determine the ideal treatment option. If the fungus has already reached deep underneath the patient’s toenails, then the Lunula Laser treatment might just be the only hope to get rid of it.

Safe and Effective Toenail Fungus Treatment

Patients who want to get rid of their toenail fungus in a safe and effective manner would be good candidates for the Lunula Laser treatment. It has already been approved by the FDA as a non-thermal option for clearing out fungal infections in the patient’s toenails. This means that it has been tested according to proper guidelines and has been proven safe for patients.

The fact that it doesn’t have any downtime or that each session is only a few minutes long makes it an even more appealing prospect. Granted, there are multiple sessions involved and there are some topical products as part of the package, but they are all necessary for completely eradicating the fungal infection.

No Pain Involved

It should go without saying, but a pain-free treatment for anything would be desirable over the alternative. As such, anyone who wants to be rid of their toenail fungus in a way that won’t involve any pain at all would be a good candidate for the Lunula Laser treatment. Regardless of how many sessions are needed or what creams or ointments are prescribed, patients won’t feel any pain or discomfort.
Luluna Laser treatment

Bypasses Toenails

Toenails can often pose an obstacle to other forms of treating toenail fungal infections. The Lunula Laser completely bypasses the hardened surface to target the fungus directly. Patients who want a simple and innovative way to remove fungal infections under their toenails would be excellent candidates for this treatment.

No Harsh Chemicals

Chemicals can irritate their skin and cause other uncomfortable side effects. Anyone who wants a solution to their toenail fungus problem that doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals would be a good candidate for Lunula Laser treatments. All the products that are issued as part of the treatment are safe to use.

Set Up a Consultation

For more information to help decide if you’re a good candidate for Lunula Laser treatments, schedule a consultation with the Oregon Institute of Foot Care.

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Luluna Laser treatment

What to Know About OIFC’s Lunula Laser for Toenail Fungus

Dr. Manson has developed a comprehensive treatment program to eliminate hard-to-treat toenail fungus. OIFC’s Lunula Laser for Toenail Fungus program is customized to each patient’s needs and targets toenail fungus through multiple modes of treatment- getting you the best results. Oregon Institute of Foot Care‘s Lunula Laser for Toenail Fungus program involves an initial assessment of the condition and the patient’s health. A custom treatment plan is then developed and discussed with you that will address the condition, providing the patient with the most optimal results available.


89% of patients responded to treatment in clinical trials.


No pain.


No recovery time.


No side effects.