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Restore GF™ Amniotic Injection Therapy

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Restore GF™ amniotic liquid injection Portland

What is Restore GF™ amniotic liquid injection?

Restore GF™ in Portland is an amniotic liquid allograft derived from the amniotic fluid within the placenta. It is used by Dr. Manson to safely and effectively treat soft tissue pain and inflammation while promoting the regeneration of our bodies to their optimal health. It is full of growth factors and cytokines that aid in the natural healing process. Restore GF™is fully FDA approved and is a pure amniotic fluid obtained only from pre-screened, healthy live cesarean births.

Leneva® is a first-of-its-kind human adipose tissue for tissue reconstruction. As an all-natural extracellular matrix, Leneva® is a safe, natural, off-the-shelf solution to replace damaged or inadequate adipose tissue. Leneva® has multiple clinical applications including, but not limited to:

What can be treated with Restore GF™?

Dr. Manson uses Restore GF™ to treat:


Plantar fasciitis and heel pain


Achilles tendinitis


Tendinitis and other tendon injuries




Alternative to steroid injections


Alternative to surgery. I


Used after conservative treatments have failed

Restore GF™ amniotic liquid injection treatment Portland

What does treatment look like with Restore GF™?

Restore GF™ is an injectable liquid. Treatment starts with an evaluation by Dr. Manson and a discussion of treatment options. When Restore GF™ is chosen as a treatment, Dr. Manson will numb the area prior to the Restore GF™ injection. Once numb, The Restore GF™ is injected around the problem area under the guidance of Ultrasound. A bandaid is the only dressing required for this procedure.

Restore GF™ Injection Portland

Aftercare differs depending on the problem being treated. Some patients will be placed into a walking boot or surgical shoe for a few weeks after the procedure. Some patients will be able to go right back into a supportive athletic shoe following treatment. Physical therapy may be ordered after treatment in some cases. Icing and NSAIDs are not advised after the procedure as they can limit the effectiveness of Restore GF™.

Results are not immediately after treatment with Restore GF™. It is important to understand that Restore GF™ helps to improve your body’s ability to heal and this takes time. Patients can often start feeling improvement in pain a week or two after the procedure and maximum results are usually seen between 8 and 12 weeks.

What is the cost of Restore GF™?

Restore GF™ is not covered by insurance. The cost is $750 for the injection. There may be other costs associated with the procedure and follow-ups that can be billed to insurance including office visits, ultrasound guidance of the injection, walking boot, surgical shoe, etc.
Growth factors present in Restore GF™
Growth factors present in Restore GF™

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