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Toes and Nails

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Boutique Podiatry Oregon Institute of Foot Care Lake Oswego
Boutique Podiatry Oregon Institute of Foot Care Lake Oswego

Toe And Nail Pain

Pain in your toes or toenails deserves a visit to Oregon Institute of Foot Care. Toe and toenail pain can interfere with your ability to do the activities you love, making simple tasks such as standing or walking uncomfortable or impossible.
At Oregon Institute of Foot Care, Dr. Manson can evaluate your toe and toenail pain and give you relief! You don’t need to live with toe and toenails pain; in most cases, toe and toenail pain can be treated with conservative treatments. A visit to OIFC can help you resolve your toe and toenail pain before it becomes chronic and debilitating.

Causes and Treatments of Toe and Toenail Pain

Ingrown toenails
Ingrown toenails are one of the leading causes of toenail pain. It occurs when the side of a toenail grows into the skin. This causes the skin to become red, swollen, and painful. It can even drain and become infected if left untreated. Dr. Manson is an Ingrown Toenail Specialist and often performs multiple ingrown toenail removal procedures daily.
Toenail Fungus
Toenail fungus is not just a cosmetic issue. It can cause the toenails to become thick, painful, and ingrown. Toenail fungus causes the toenail to become discolored, thickened, and often with fungal debris growing and accumulating underneath the toenail. Dr. Manson has developed the Lunula Laser Treatment Program to give you the best chance of success at treating your stubborn toenail fungus.
Corns are hard or soft growths of thick skin on the toes. They usually occur because of pressure on the tops of toes at the joints when hammertoes or crooked 5th toes are present, in between toes that rub against each other, or at the tips of toes that are curled (hammertoes) and rub on shoes and the ground. Shaving down and padding corns is often the first line of treatment. Dr. Manson will also evaluate your corn to determine the underlying cause so that can be treated to resolve the corn for good.
Bunions are hard bony bumps that stick out at the big toe joint and are frequently painful in shoes and with activity. Dr. Manson treats bunions both conservatively and with an aesthetically appealing cosmetic bunion surgery.
Big Toe Arthritis
Big toe arthritis is a condition that causes pain and enlargement of the big toe joint. It results in a stiff big toe joint that doesn’t move much and is painful with motion of the joint. Conservatively, custom orthotics with specific adjustments made to them can help to relieve your pain and slow the progression of the arthritis. Dr. Manson also offers big toe joint arthritis surgery when conservative treatments have failed.
Long Toes
Long toes can cause pain because they rub and get irritated in shoes. Dr. Manson offers cosmetic toe shortening surgery to correct your long toes.
Broken Toes
Broken toes usually result from trauma, like kicking something or dropping something on them. Toe fractures can often be treated conservatively with immobilization and rest. Rarely, surgical correction is required.
Turf Toe
Turf toe results from bending the big toe up too far and usually occurs playing sports on an artificial grass field. Turf toe can often be treated conservatively with immobilization and rest. Rarely, surgical correction is required.
Gout is another common cause of toe pain and is an inflammatory condition that causes a joint to become red, hot, swollen, and very painful quickly. It can affect any joint in the body, but the most commonly affected joint is the big toe joint. Gout can be treated with prescription medications or steroid injections. When gout is a chronic issue. It often requires daily medications to prevent recurrence.

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At Oregon Institute of Foot Care, we care about healthy, happy, beautiful feet. We strive to provide personalized foot care and achieve the outcomes, both functionally and cosmetically, that our patients desire. What sets OIFC apart is our dedication to providing the highest quality care available, utilizing the latest medical techniques and technologies, educating patients to make well-informed health care decisions, and restoring foot and ankle function as quickly and beautifully as possible. Our mission is to give you healthy, happy, beautiful feet.


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