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Heel Spur Removal Surgery

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Posterior Heel Spurs and Haglund’s Deformity

A posterior heel spur, also called Haglund’s deformity, “pump bump,” or calcaneal spur, is a growth of bone on the rear part or back of the heel bone. A spur forms when the achilles tendon pulls away from its attachment to the bone and a spur forms. Causes include wearing high heel shoes, worn-out or poorly fitting shoes, carrying excess weight, running on hard surfaces, or gait abnormalities. This condition can be very painful and the only way to remove the spur is through surgery.

What is the Recovery Process?

Depending on the procedure, limited walking same day or a period of non-weight bearing with crutches is required. Sutures are generally removed at 2 weeks and, at this, time most patients are able to start to bear weight in a boot. Physical therapy is often started around 4-6 weeks and the boot can come off around 10 weeks. Limited activity is usually recommended for 4-8 months after surgery.
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Surgical Approach

At your initial consultation, Dr. Manson will perform a comprehensive physical exam and usually take X-rays to review with you. He will then discuss treatment options for you and decide along with you which option or procedure is best suited for you.

The procedure is performed at a surgical center or hospital. The anesthesia is typically general, which means you are sleeping through the procedure, with a machine helping you breath. This allows you to be not only pain-free, but you also will not recall the surgical experience itself.

The procedure involves making an incision on the back of your heel. Then, depending on the severity of the spur, the achilles tendon may or may not need to be detached to remove the heel spur. If the achilles tendon is detached, bone anchors are used to reattach the achilles tendon. Also, depending on the cause of the spur, additional procedures may need to be done to lengthen or take tension from the achilles tendon. Dr. Manson also uses PRP injection when indicated to improve healing from heel spur removal surgery.

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