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Imaging at Oregon Institute of Foot Care

Imaging is an invaluable asset when trying to make the correct diagnosis. It allows Dr. Manson to see beneath the skin and actually visualize the bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves in real time. At Oregon Institute of Foot Care, we are proud and excited to offer both Digital X-rays and diagnostic ultrasound to provide the best and most up to date diagnosis and treatments available. Dr. Manson takes all X-rays and diagnostic ultrasound exams himself to ensure he gets the best images possible and so he can see exactly what needs to be evaluated. This also means you won’t be referred out to another facility for imaging that can be done in the office, saving time, money, and getting you back on your feet sooner!

Digital X-Ray

X-rays are generally used to evaluate how the bones of your foot look. Dr. Manson uses X-rays to see fractures, bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, joints, bone spurs, among many other bony deformities. X-rays of the foot, when taken correctly and weight bearing, can also tell Dr. Manson a lot more about how your foot functions. He can see structurally how your foot reacts to having weight on it and this is very valuable when evaluating a biomechanical issue.

diagnostic ultrasound

Ultrasound is generally used to evaluate how the soft tissues of your foot looks. Dr. Manson uses ultrasound to see muscles, ligaments, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, tendon tears, joints, among many other soft tissue abnormalities. Ultrasound is wonderful in that it can provide real time pictures and videos. While Dr. Manson is doing the exam, you are able to watch the exam and see exactly what Dr. Manson is seeing on an iPad. Dr. Manson is also able to do injections such as steroid injections or Leneva for corns and calluses under the guidance of ultrasound. This means he is able to see exactly where the needle is and be sure he is placing the medication precisely where he wants it. This greatly improves the success rate of steroid injections and other procedures that benefit from perfect placement of medications.
X-cel X-Ray machine

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At Oregon Institute of Foot Care, we care about healthy, happy, beautiful feet. We strive to provide personalized foot care and achieve the outcomes, both functionally and cosmetically, that our patients desire. What sets OIFC apart is our dedication to providing the highest quality care available, utilizing the latest medical techniques and technologies, educating patients to make well-informed health care decisions, and restoring foot and ankle function as quickly and beautifully as possible. Our mission is to give you healthy, happy, beautiful feet.


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