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Leneva Corn and Callus Treatment

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Leneva® For Corns and Calluses

At OIFC, Dr. Manson uses the breakthrough, non-surgical Leneva® injections to treat ball of foot pain, corn and callus discomfort, and diabetic ulcers.
Leneva® is a brand new fat grafting system introduced in the United States in November 2019. Leneva® injections are a non-invasive way to treat foot pain caused by corns, calluses, and ulcerations due to loss of fat padding. As we age, the fat pad within our feet shifts or thins, causing increased pressure points and pain with every step we take. This all-natural injectable product consists of sterilized human fat tissue (called adipose tissue) that is placed within a cellular matrix.

What are the intended uses for Leneva® injections?

Leneva® is a first-of-its-kind human adipose tissue for tissue reconstruction. As an all-natural extracellular matrix, Leneva® is a safe, natural, off-the-shelf solution to replace damaged or inadequate adipose tissue. Leneva® has multiple clinical applications including, but not limited to:

Calluses and Corns


Ball of Foot Pain


Diabetic Foot Ulcers


Pressure Ulcers


Tunneling Wounds


Fat Pad Reconstruction Procedures

What Is Leneva® For Corns and Calluses?

Leneva® is an allograft adipose matrix derived from donated human tissue used for tissue reconstruction. It is a safe and clinically proven solution to help with foot pain without steroid injections or surgery. Leneva® is also FDA-approved.
When inserted under a pressure point, Leneva® not only cushions the area, but also provides a scaffolding for your body to build new fat cells at the site of the injection. This combination of grafted fat plus your own new fat cells creates a stable cushion that can provide comfort over many months to years.
Fat pad loss under the ball of the foot and heel is a common cause of pain in many patients, leaving them feeling like they are walking on rocks with each step. Patients with significant fat pad loss complain about extreme forefoot pain, the inability to tolerate walking barefoot on hard surfaces, painful recurrent calluses, and even open blisters or wounds. Leneva® injections help patients regrow the fat they once had on their feet.

How Often Is Leneva® Done?

​After the first treatment, patients are seen by Dr. Manson for a follow-up in 4-6 weeks. It can take about 3 months for the injection to fully incorporate. Depending on activity level, the average length of time that the injection lasts is about 2 years.

What Happens During Leneva® Treatment?

Leneva® is an injectable product that’s administered in our office in Portland, Lake Oswego, & West Linn . After Dr. Manson has placed a small amount of local anesthesia in the skin to numb the treatment area, the Leneva® fat matrix is injected just below the skin to add internal fat cushioning at your pressure point. This human fat and cellular scaffolding complex remain exactly where it has been placed and, over time, your body further fills in the scaffolding with your own fat cells. After the Leneva® is applied to your foot, you are able to go home and follow post-treatment instructions as you go about your daily life with very little downtime or discomfort.

Image for medical purposes. Dry skin, plantar callosity and flakes on the female feet sole close up.


​Most insurance companies do NOT typically pay for LENEVA® injections. If your insurance should apply any amount of those charges to patient responsibility (copay, coinsurance, deductible, etc.), then you will be responsible for those charges. The price of the Leneva covers the cost of the injectable, processing, local anesthesia, and the actual procedure of injecting the Leneva.

$1000 for single callus or corn (1.5 cc of LENEVA®)

$1500 for heel (3 cc of LENEVA®)

How Is Leneva® Different From Other Treatments For Fat Pad Atrophy?

What’s so revolutionary about Leneva® is that the product organizes itself to fill in the fat deficient area, decreasing the likelihood of product displacement so that the material remains in the area where Dr. Manson placed it. This not only provides the area with an instant fat cushion, taking the pressure off the area right away, but it also inserts a scaffolding that provides a space for your body to produce new fat cells over time.

In fact, during clinical trials in which the product was used to treat pressure ulcers, researchers measured decreases in peak pressure on the wound sites, resulting in decreased callus formation. Other studies showed that Leneva® encouraged the formation of new blood vessels (vital for wound healing) and new fat cells (important for added cushioning). By creating a much longer-lasting natural cushion, Leneva® has the potential of reducing pressure and friction, and therefore, pain. This can greatly improve the quality of life of patients suffering from foot pain.

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Leneva Corn and Callus Treatment in Portland, Lake Oswego, & West Linn

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