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Direct Pay Pricing

Conveniently located to serve Portland, Lake Oswego, & West Linn

Boutique Podiatry Oregon Institute of Foot Care Lake Oswego
Podiatrist treating feet during procedure

Office Visit:

New patient: $250
Established patient: $125


X-rays: $50 each foot
Ultrasound: $75 each foot

Foot Care:

Calluses and Nail Trimming (+ office visit, if applicable*): $85
*Most returning patients will only pay $85 if there are no new problems.

Ingrown Toenail Procedure:

Matrixectomy (permanent removal): $350 + office visit
Avulsion (temporary removal): $225 + office visit


Steroid Injection: $100 + office visit

Lunula Laser For Toenail Fungus:

Two Feet: $1200
One Foot: $750

Custom Orthotics with SmartCast:

$500 + office visit

Leneva For Corns And Calluses:

One corn or callus (1.5 cc of Leneva): $1000
Heel or larger area (3 cc of Leneva): $1500

Restore GF™ Amniotic Injection Therapy​:


Leg injured woman visiting young doctor traumatologist
Please call the office if you do not see the service you are looking for, and we will be happy to assist you to get the direct pay price.
Female is holding her ankle out of pain at home | Sports Injuries


At Oregon Institute of Foot Care, we care about healthy, happy, beautiful feet. We strive to provide personalized foot care and achieve the outcomes, both functionally and cosmetically, that our patients desire. What sets OIFC apart is our dedication to providing the highest quality care available, utilizing the latest medical techniques and technologies, educating patients to make well-informed health care decisions, and restoring foot and ankle function as quickly and beautifully as possible. Our mission is to give you healthy, happy, beautiful feet.


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